Matt at Nextjs Conference 2022

Hey 👋 I’m Matt Lewis. Thank you for taking a look at my site!

I'm Matt Lewis, and I've spent my career at the intersection of engineering and innovation. I originally graduated with a degree in chemical engineering on a full tuition scholarship, where I won 1st place in the Reactor Design Competition. Despite my achievements, I discovered my true calling lay waiting for me in the digital realm. This pivot to software engineering wasn't just a career change; it was a dedication to the art of problem-solving through code.

Today, I work in the ecommerce industry, specializing in headless, cloud computing solutions. What sets me apart is the unique problem-solving approach I've honed through my chemical engineering background. Chemical engineering taught me not just the laws of physics, but also the art of balancing fast, intuitive thinking with slow, reasoned analysis. Whether I'm dealing with a nuclear reactor or a distributed database, I rely on these core principles to guide me. In both realms, understanding the fundamental building blocks—be it physical laws or fundamental data structures—enables me to dissect complex challenges and tackle them effectively. I don't just develop solutions; I excel at breaking down intricate issues into manageable tasks, always with an eye on long-term success.

My work has garnered attention, allowing me to make meaningful contributions and be a trusted resource for clients and colleagues alike. But my insights aren't confined to the office; they're influenced by my broader experiences and observations, including those in nature. Whether it's understanding the complex system that is our planet, or drawing inspiration from the mathematics of nature, I leverage these experiences to think creatively and solve problems. After all, Earth's systems are among the most robust and beautiful ever designed, and they offer valuable lessons in resilience and balance that I apply to my professional challenges.

To sum up, my journey is not merely a tale of projects and achievements; it's a story of relentless curiosity and a commitment to bring enduring value to the table. Whether I'm deciphering complex algorithms or finding inspiration in the spiraling patterns of a nautilus shell, I don't merely adapt to my environment—I elevate it. My goal is to continue leveraging this holistic, value-driven approach to solve intricate challenges in the ecommerce world and beyond. In essence, I don't just build solutions; I create value.